Everything about fullerenes

In this earth, there are many chemical components remains a mystery for the people. Even after the invasion of technology, it is hard to understand the full use of the chemical components available on the earth. Buy C60 Fullerenes is one such compound which posses many advanced properties and nowadays gets the limelight in the industries.  If you have never heard about this, you will get them in this article.

What are fullerenes?

These fullerenes are made up of sixty carbons which come under many shapes such as tube, sphere, ellipsoid etc. These molecules are often referred as buckyballs on the markets and it has even more names.  Speaking about its structure, it is more similar to the graphite.

Types of fullerenes:

There are many types available on fullerene.  I have listed them as follows.

  1. Buckyballs
  2. Carbon nano tubes
  3. Fullerite
  4. Inorganic fullerenes
  5. Megatubes
  6. Fullerene rings

Properties of fullerenes:

The entire properties of the fullerene are not found out yet numerous of scientist is involved on research to understand this mystery element. It is found both on natural and unnatural state.  Not all the places uses the natural one, the fullerene are abstracted from the soot or the things caused by burning are widely used all around the world. The properties are hard to understand by the scientist, it might take years to understand it completely. Since they posses many mystical behaviors, people’s concentration are converging over it.

Superconductors do get more values and they are widely used on many sectors. Fullerene has posses the property of superconductivity. Not all the materials will posses not toxic characters, if you conduct water on lead pipes, it becomes toxic to drink. But the fullerene is non toxic and widely used on the manufacturing of the medical appliances. It even has the characters of heat resistance and also used on the nano-technology field.


It is used as a photo resistant in the photolithographic process. In the manufacturing of the electronic and microelectronic microscope, it does posses more values and often used as therapeutic and diagnostic agent on the society.

Since they posses more values, do not think you cannot buy them. With the help of the internet, nothing in the world is impossible in this decade. You can easily buy them.

I hope this article gives you the more insights about the fullerenes, its property and appliances.

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